Styled ~ Ethan and Jordan in Vegas


No. Retreat! The panicked alarm in my head was too slow, and the hotel room door opened before I could will my legs to carry me back down the hall.

Fuck me.

Seriously. Fuck me.

Ethan leaned an arm casually on the door frame. The pajama pants slung low on his hips were way too sexy to be flannel. His pecs looked like they deserved their own zip codes, and the deep lines carved into his abs might as well have been flashing neon lights for the way I was entranced by them.

It’d never been hard to look into Ethan’s eyes before.

But then, he’d never been standing in front of me half naked before.

“Hey. You’re up early.” His voice was raspy from sleep.

“You’re early too. I mean. So are you.” I blinked. “You’re not dressed.”

He raised a brow and I glanced down, realizing too late my tank might as well have been transparent for the way my nipples were poking through it. I folded my arms over my chest. “Have you seen Lex? I haven’t seen her since the bachelorette last night. She’s not in our room.”

“Yeah.” Relief eased part of the tension in my shoulders. “Come in. I won’t bite.” Ethan stepped back, a smile ghosting across his face.

I complied, staying as far from his body as I could. “So where is she?”

“I got her and Dylan the honeymoon suite.”

“You did what?” I could imagine how much those things cost.

“It’s too much, I know, but…” Ethan’s expression was sheepish. “I just figured they’d rather—“

“Be together, even for the night,” I finished. Of course Ethan knew Lex and Dylan never got to spend time with one another because of the distance. At least until Dylan moved from San Diego to New York after graduation in a few months. “It’s not too much. It’s actually perfect.”

His expression warmed on mine, and heat bloomed in my cheeks.

I turned away to scan the room. It was the same as ours, minus the pullout couch. Both queen beds were unmade. Two of the guys must have booked another room for the bachelor party, since I couldn’t see them doubling up.

“Nate’s at the gym,” Ethan offered, reading my mind. “I ordered breakfast.”

The door sounded as if by design, and brushed past me smoothly to answer it.

He took the tray from the waiter, deftly catching the door with his foot to hold it while he turned. I couldn’t take my eyes from the muscles of his arms, his chest, until he set the tray on the bed and shot me a sidelong look.

“You coming? I’ll share.”

I started to say no, but my stomach growled.

I was in Vegas. Everyone was asleep. The most beautiful man I’d ever seen was sitting half naked on the bed and offering me breakfast.

What the hell.

I sat opposite him, pulling my feet up to sit cross-legged. Ethan lifted the top off the tray, revealing waffles, fruit, syrup. My stomach rumbled.

Ethan Cameron was hard to reject.

Waffles were impossible to reject.

He unfolded the crisp linen napkin and handed me the fork. He cut a strip off a waffle using the knife, dipping it in the syrup before dropping it into his mouth.

Food was suddenly the second most interesting thing in arms reach. I snuck a glance at Ethan’s chest. Hard, smooth, with the lightest dusting of hair starting between his pecs and traveling down…

“So. Marry anyone last night?” Ethan’s voice was easy.

I broke off a chunk of waffle with my fork, then speared a piece of fruit on top.

“Thought I might get an offer from Andy at Thunder from Down Under. But I’m still waiting.” I devoured my forkful of waffle.

Ethan tilted his head, eyes curious on mine. “Do you have any headache? Dizziness?”

“No,” I said through a second mouthful of food.

“Remember how you got to Vegas?”

I nodded as I swallowed. I hadn’t realized I was so hungry.

“What about how you got home last night?”

“We walked.”

“Good. So it’s fair to assume you remember everything in between.” Ethan’s gaze sharpened.

He’d set the trap and I’d walked into it. Last night came roaring back in my head. The impulsive way I’d grabbed him, pressed my mouth to his.

“You mean that we…kissed.” The words sent a rush of the forbidden through me but Ethan didn’t blink.

We didn’t kiss. You kissed me. You kissed me like there was nothing else you wanted in the world.”

He was daring me to argue, but I couldn’t. I hated the flush that crept up my cheeks. “It was stupid. I was curious.”

“You were curious,” he echoed, his voice dropping.

The proximity of his muscled chest was seriously slowing down my brainpower.

Ethan’s handsome face grew determined. His knife clinked against the plate as he set it down. “This isn’t high school, Jordan. You don’t get to kiss me like that and then forget it ever happened. I don’t like surprises, and I don’t like being rushed. So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to sit your ass right where it is, and you’re not going to move. Not one fucking inch.”

“While you do what?” I managed.

Ethan shifted forward on the bed. My heart hammered in my chest. He was too close, even before his hands cupped my face. Tightened on the back of my neck.


Holy shit.

The feel of his mouth on mine set off sparks. The fire started in my lips, my throat, and burned down my spine.

Ethan’s lips were firm. When I might have pulled back, strong fingers held me against him.

He wasn’t reckless. This was calculated. Him reminding me that he was older and smoother and better at…


Ethan’s mouth moved over mine like he knew what was feeling before I felt it. Like he knew that when his teeth sank into my lip, the ache between my thighs spiralled deeper, tighter.

My fingers found Ethan’s wrists, intending to push him away. But the heat of his skin under mine melted away any resistance. Instead my hands slid down his forearms, digging into the ropey muscles until he grunted.

“So. Is your curiosity satisfied?” he breathed when he pulled back an inch, his chest rising and falling with effort.

I shook my head, my nose bumping his.

“Yes. And no.” I sighed out a breath as my attention dropped to his lips, already missing the feel of his mouth on mine.

Ethan cursed, his hands tightening on me. “You have any idea how much you’re killing me right now?” he murmured.

Before I could respond he hauled me onto his lap, his hands digging into my ass.

When he pulled my mouth down to his, I grabbed onto his shoulders for balance. My body was already craving the high of skin on skin before his mouth moved to my jaw, scorching across my skin.

I’m not a passionate person. I’ve even been called cold once or twice. But there was no room for insecurity or hesitation. Ethan made it impossible with the way he kissed, the way he was.

Riding that bravado, my hands explored the muscles in his neck, his shoulders. His skin was smooth and hot under my fingers and I wanted to touch him forever. I stroked down his chest, feeling the muscles underneath jump like I’d shocked him.

Shit, that’s sexy.

The tension in his body said he was in this as much as I was. Even before Ethan shoved the tray to the bottom of the bed and shifted over me.

Yes. More Ethan is good. The thought echoed dully in my head as his legs tangled with mine, his bare stomach burning my skin where the tank top had ridden up.

Ethan’s kiss stole my breath. His hand found the edge of my tank to stroke my side as he pressed me into the scratchy bedspread. The way his rock hard body weighed on mine had me imagining all the darkly thrilling ways this could play out.

And to my shock, I realized I wanted it to.

“Nate,” I breathed.

He frowned. “Ethan.”

I shoved against his chest, and he shifted back just far enough to let me sit up. “No, I mean what if Nate comes back?”

“He left just before you came over.”

My protest only captured half of Ethan’s attention. He trailed a finger down my lips, to my collarbone, my shoulder, like he was tracing the path of a drop of water.

A fucking fascinating drop of water.

“What if Lex…?” I tried again. But Ethan just moved the spaghetti strap of my tank top down my shoulder with his fingertip.

Slow. Like he had nothing but time.

“Or Ava…”

The other strap followed the same route. My body shook without my permission.

“Lex is with Dylan,” Ethan answered, low and impatient. “Ava won’t be conscious before noon.”

I forced my attention away from Ethan’s body to meet his gaze, dark with a predatory interest I’d never seen.

His hand stroked down over my tank, boldly tracing the outline of my breast. I was helpless to resist as he cupped me in his hand, his thumb grazing across the peak that hardened more. That craved his touch skin-on-skin, not through the thin fabric.

The shock that ran through me had my throat tightening.

Fuck, I wanted his hands on me. Not just there, everywhere.

Ethan sensed the struggle that gripped me. “Jordan. I’m not going to push you. But I have a feeling you want to play this out as much as I do.”

I pressed my fingers to his mouth. “Can you stop talking? I can’t think.”

“No problem.” A wicked expression crossed his face.

Then he sucked my finger into his mouth.


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