Can I have an advance copy of one of your books?
Advance copies go to my Review Team. Members of my Review Team are readers that have already read at least one of my books and are willing to leave reviews (and some of them are super fans!). If this sounds like you, fill out this quick form and we’ll let you know when a seat is available!

What authors should I read?
Umm…me. JK. I read all kinds of genres, but some of my fave romance authors are:

  • Ilsa Madden-Mills – new adult that’s so sexy it makes you wonder if you did college wrong;
  • Melanie Harlow – ‘that town you grew up in’ featuring extraordinary, swoon-worthy characters in gut-busting situations;
  • Lauren Blakely – straight up funny and hot, plus masterful male POV;
  • Sabrina Paige – the best of ‘that would never happen, but I want it anyway’;
  • JA Huss – the queen of romantic ambidexterity–hot supervillains? CEOs with secrets? Naughty teachers? Done, done, and done.

Are you a fashionista like your TRAVESTY characters?
YES…is what I wish I could say. I have three statement necklaces that go with everything. Two pairs of cigarette pants that have long since earned retirement. And leopard flats that’ve been to hell and back. I envy my Team T girls who devote their lives to fashion, because somedays, I can barely find a clean pair of yoga pants.

Do you outline your books ahead of time, or go with the flow?
I love to plan…maybe more than I love to do. Each of my books has at least three abandoned outlines before the ‘final’ outline that worked out. I like to think each version helped me get to my destination…since otherwise, it’s kind of sad. That’s a lot of time I could’ve spent binge watching Netflix.

Where do you get your ideas?
At the gym. Reading Flipboard. Talking to my sig other in the kitchen. Everywhere in between. I usually get the nugget of an interesting idea, or challenge, or character, and build from there. I love stories with strong characters dealing with real(ish) situations. I think it’s so easy to fabricate hypotheticals, and while romance can be an escape, there’s so much depth and intricacy to modern dating and courtship. Sometimes, I don’t need to make s*$t up.

What’s your fave writing environment?
I write at my kitchen table, with a cup of coffee (caf or decaf, depending on the time of day/night). Though some of my practices have evolved–I use a software called Scrivener, which is purpose-built for writers, instead of MS Word–I use the same MacBook I used to write Schooled.

Do you write full-time?
Not yet – but I’m close! I’d love your help to make this dream a reality. Please consider leaving an honest review on one (or more) of my books. It only needs to be a sentence or two. One of the beauties of self-publishing is that you, the reader, have so much power to influence who else sees my books. Your review helps Amazon decide whether or not to show my book to new readers, which means reaching new people every day. If I can get to writing full-time, it means you’ll hear from me more–5 books a year instead of 2 or 3.

I want to write a book! Where should I start?
Start with an idea you’re passionate about. For the first book, don’t worry about craft–just focus on what you love. The learning will come through that book, and the next, and the next. Schooled, for me, was just about getting down some ideas that’d been brewing for way too long. If you’re focused on writing a marketable book, it’s worth doing a scan of your chosen genre. Trends change, and what’s popular in romance (or sci fi, or chick lit, or young adult fantasy) will evolve. Writing for you is different than writing for a paycheque. One isn’t better than the other, and at the best of times, they can be the same. But, always know who you’re writing for.