A new 100-page novella! If you loved Lex and Dylan in Schooled, you’re going to want to check this one out. For these two, falling is just the beginning…Read Sealed on Amazon now!


The one girl in the world I could never get? Now she’s mine.

Sort of. 

Sure, we live 2,746 miles apart and I see her once a month. 

She runs a company and I’m surrounded by guys whose idea of a hard day’s work is showing up sober for noon class. 

I have zero job prospects in New York, and she has no intention of coming back to California.

But when we’re together, none of that matters. I can make her laugh and smile and moan that breathy ‘OhmyGodDylan’ that’s a million times hotter when I’m stroking her skin than it is over the phone.

Which is why I’m going to fix it. This time I’m making her mine for good. No excuses, no escapes, no take backs. 

She should’ve been my first.

I’m making sure she’s my last.

Sealed is a 2 POV novella in the Travesty series! The reading order is Schooled, Stripped, Sealed, Styled (coming in March 2017)


“Dylan somehow got even hotter. My only complaint? I want more. Now.”
GR reviewer Sara

“When I finished reading, all I could do was sigh. A-dor-a-ble!”
GR reviewer Dawn

“It melted me. I was a puddle of gooey feelings on the floor.”
Talia, Red Hot Ink


Do I need to read Schooled and Stripped before reading Sealed?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But seriously, you’ll get the most fun reading them in order. However, if you want to start with Sealed, that’s cool–it just might make you want to go back and read the others.

Which will be fun but not nearly as much fun as if you’d read them in order. (Unless you get even more enjoyment from being a rebel and reading them out of order. In which case…we should be friends.)

I love Nate in this book! Will he and Ava get their own standalone novella? 

Hmmm. If you crash my email with requests, I’ll think about it.

Where can I buy clothes from Travesty?

Stay tuned. 

What’s the next book in Travesty?

Jordan and Ethan’s story is coming out Spring 2017. Styled is set in LA, and I’ve gotta say…player Ethan and sarcastic Jordan are H-O-T!!! Get on my insider’s list for a sneak peek and to get it the day it’s out.

I can’t wait that long. How do I get it sooner?

If you’ve reviewed one of my books before, you can apply to get into my Review Crew to get free-and early-copies of books. 

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