A sexy new college romance about smart girls, big dreams, and best friends’ little
brothers who just keep.
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Do you know what a dream come true tastes like? Validation.

In two semesters I’ll finish business school and launch a fashion label in New York with my best friend. All the planning, the long days and longer nights, and saying ‘no’ to every distraction are about to pay off.

Until he transfers in.

Dylan Cameron’s more than my best friend’s younger brother. He’s tall, dark and broody, and there’s a reason I haven’t seen him in years.

But when Dylan shows up at my birthday party, he’s all grown up, quick with a joke, and hotter than hell.

He’s also not the guy I thought he was–not even close.

Dylan’s made it clear he wants something from me. Now it’s all I can think about, dream about, lie awake in bed and…Ahem.

But one scorching hot night of confessions, and enough chemistry to burn down the science building, could turn everything I’ve worked for upside down.

So it should be easy to say no. Right?

Wrong. I might be two years older, but I’m sure as hell not smarter. Because the second Dylan Cameron gets me alone…

I’m the one getting schooled.

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All the Things In Between: “Welcome to Piper Lawson’s love catastrophe!…Any day of the week I would take Dylan Cameron as my hero …”

Hot Guys in Books: “Great. Exceptional. Sexy. Yes, all those words fittingly describe Piper Lawson’s debut novel…She definitely hit it out of the ball park with this book. Dylan will make you swoon, 100% guaranteed. Schooled is the perfect beginning for the series Travesty…”

FMR Book Grind: “This book was equal parts smart, sweet and sexy! …I LOVE the forbidden love stories and this one was a total hit for me. Watching Dylan and Lex fumble through was so cute and 100% steamy. I like how Piper wrote them and all of the other secondary characters to mold and grow together. “Do something for me?…anything….shut up”…BEST!!! I had to continue to wipe the steam from my kindle screen!”

Fiction Fangirls: “I absolutely love when I read a book and fall in love with it, only to find out that it’s a debut novel and this book fits in that category easily.”

Book Starlets: “This debut author has some real talent for telling a story…If you love a sweet romance with a little angst, Schooled is a fantastic choice.”

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