Stripped! 5 Reasons to get it today on Amazon and KU

stripped 25The second part in my Travesty series about two smart girls with big dreams of making it in the fashion industry is out TODAY!
 Here are five reasons to check it out:
  1. Reading about great clothes is cheaper than buying them. (Not saying you shouldn’t shop. Just saying…)
  2. These books contain hot guys. At least two (shoutout, Dylan and Nate!) They’re like bookends. Tall, dark and gorgeous bookends. Swoon with me, ladies.
  3. My girls, Lex and Ava, are funny. And laughing makes you live longer. Which means more time to read books. It’s a virtuous cycle. You’re welcome.
  4. You can share the Travesty series with friends without being that annoying person that’s like “OMG just read the best book…” And you go to get it, only to realize it costs somewhere between a decent lunch and the down payment on a house. (Schooled is free today – and both it and Stripped are on Kindle Unlimited!)
  5. These books have seriously sexy times, and 8/10 kindle romance doctors agree that reading about sex burns significant calories – say, 1 holiday pastry/sex scene. So reading these 2 books means you can eat, like, 2 shortbreads, 3 ginger cookies and a slice of pie. (DISCLAIMER: there is no such thing as a kindle romance doctor. But if there was, I’d be the first in line to get accredited.)
With that, I hope you check out Schooled and Stripped! And let me know what you think 🙂


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